Our Team
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Running goats at Farm Sanctuary
Strategy Lead and Researcher
Michael has a PhD in space science from the University of New South Wales, focusing on the use of geophysics for asteroid deflection, off-Earth mining, and space colonisation. He was previously the CEO of Effective Altruism Australia, has volunteered with a number of effective altruism organisations and community groups since 2015, and has been involved with the Australian Animal Justice Party since 2018, including running as a candidate in elections and co-founding the party's youth wing. He is dedicated to reducing the suffering of sentient minds through his career.
Ali has postgraduate degrees in economics and cognitive science. He previously worked at Charity Entrepreneurship, where he carried out research to prioritize global health and development policy interventions. Before this, he worked at an economic consultancy, where he used empirical research methods to evaluate social policies. Ali has also worked on research projects with Charity Entrepreneurship and Faunalytics to support the animal advocacy movement.
Research Fellow
Janet has a PhD in Psychological and Brain Sciences from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Masters of Research from the University of St Andrews where she studied the psychology of how socio-cultural contexts shape behavior and the morally expanding capacities of global citizenship. After earning her PhD, Janet studied collective emotions in social movements as a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University. She has worked with researchers at the University of St Andrews on moral values in social movements and at the National University of Singapore on values affecting immigration attitudes. She currently collaborates on a study of the re-wilding of formerly captive Asian elephants in Thailand.
Research Fellow
Brad has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin. Since graduating, he has conducted research in philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, and epistemology at the University of Antwerp's Centre for Philosophical Psychology, Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute, and Rutgers's Department of Philosophy. At present, he is a research fellow at the Sentience Institute and a researcher in philosophy of artificial intelligence at Utrecht University. His current research is focused on digital minds and catastrophic risks.
Co-Founder & Research Fellow
Jacy is a writer, social scientist, and author of <i>The End of Animal Farming</i>. He is currently a PhD Fellow at The University of Chicago. He previously worked as a Senior Fellow at Sentience Politics, and before that as a researcher and Chair of the board of directors at Animal Charity Evaluators. He has written on effective altruism topics in outlets such as <i>The Guardian</i>, <i>Vox</i>, and <i>National Review</i> and presented his research in over 20 countries.
Co-Founder & Advisory Board Member
Kelly co-founded Sentience Institute and served as the organization’s executive director for its first three years. She grew the organization’s financial support quickly, presented at numerous conferences, developed and managed the website, hired and managed staff with co-founder Jacy, edited staff’s research and outreach, and conducted research herself. Kelly previously served as Director of Communications at Sentience Politics, co-organized a grassroots animal advocacy organization, and worked as a front-end engineer. Kelly has participated in many animal rescues and has volunteered her graphic design skills to several animal advocacy organizations. She is also guardian to two rescued hens.
Natalie Cargill
Advisory Board Member
Natalie is the Founder & Director of Effective Giving UK, which helps high-net worth donors maximize their impact. She also coordinates a group of donors who collectively give over $60M annually to end factory farming. She is an associate barrister at Serjeants’ Inn Chambers, which is known for cases of ethical and political importance, and graduated first-class from Oxford. Natalie has worked with the UNHRC, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, 80,000 Hours, and Sentience Politics, and has lectured on effective giving at Cambridge and King's College.
Oscar Horta
Advisory Board Member
Oscar Horta has been involved in antispeciesist and vegan activism since the mid 90s. He’s a founding member of Animal Ethics. He teaches philosophy at the University of Santiago de Compostela, and has been a visiting researcher in other universities. His main fields of research are speciesism and wild animal suffering.
Maya Mathur
Advisory Board Member
Maya Mathur is an Assistant Professor at the Stanford University Quantitative Sciences Unit and Associate Director of the Stanford Center for Open and Reproducible Science. She holds a PhD in Biostatistics. Her statistics research develops new methods for meta-analysis, causal inference, epidemiology, and reproducibility. Her empirical research includes work on behavioral and choice-architecture interventions to reduce global consumption of meat and animal products.
Kelly McNamara
Advisory Board Member
Kelly is a writer and editor specializing in the writing and publication of nonfiction manuscripts and case studies. During recent years, she has collaborated with authors and subject matter experts from Harvard Business School and Ernst & Young (EY) and ghostwritten a number of books dealing with topics including women’s health, entrepreneurship, and consumer loyalty in the twenty-first century. She has served as an intern and fellow at The Humane League and is currently conducting independent research into financial market trends and the potential implications of these for both alternative protein innovation and traditional animal agriculture. Kelly holds a BA in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and a MPhil in philosophy from Cambridge University.
J. Mohorčich
Advisory Board Member
J. Mohorčich is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Lehman College, CUNY, where he teaches courses in American politics, political philosophy, and science policy. He has previously taught at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Mannheim and was a Research Fellow at Sentience Institute. His published work has to do with technology adoption and social change, nonhuman cognition and intellectual labor, and political theory and survival.
Thomas Moynihan
Advisory Board Member
Thomas Moynihan is a researcher, historian of ideas, and the author of <i>X-Risk: How Humanity Discovered Its Own Extinction</i> (2020). He is a visiting research associate in history at St Benet's College, Oxford University; a research fellow at Forethought Foundation; and has worked with Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute. He has written for outlets including <i>New Scientist</i>, <i>The Guardian</i>, and <i>Aeon</i>. Currently, he is working on a book exploring why longtermist thought has emerged only relatively recently, when considering the total sweep of human thought throughout the past. Major interests include moral progress, its history, and its future.
Matti Wilks
Advisory Board Member
Matti Wilks is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Psychology at the University of Edinburgh. Her work is in both social and developmental psychology and she studies barriers to prosocial and ethical behaviour, including how we morally value others. She completed her PhD in Psychology at the University of Queensland and was a postdoctoral researcher at Yale and Princeton.

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