Spencer Case
photo_camera Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals
Running goats at Farm Sanctuary
Research Fellow
Spencer Case has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Colorado Boulder at 2018 and was an international research fellow at Wuhan University (2019-2021). He is especially interested in the debate over moral realism, the view that there are objective moral facts. He’s the coauthor, along with Matt Lutz, of <i>Is Morality Real? A Debate</i>, which will be available via <i>Routledge</i> September 7, 2023. A second book, <i>Why it’s ok to be Patriotic</i>, is also in the works. He has published articles in outlets like <i>National Review</i>, <i>Quillette</i>, <i>Discourse</i>, <i>Arc Digital</i>, and <i>The Washington Free Beacon</i>. He’s also the host of Micro-Digressions: a Philosophy Podcast.

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