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Young broiler birds in an industrial barn
US Factory Farming Estimates
Jacy Reese Anthis  •  Last updated April 11, 2019

We estimate that 99% of US farmed animals are living in factory farms at present. By species, we estimate that 70.4% of cows, 98.3% of pigs, 99.8% of turkeys, 98.2% of chickens raised for eggs, and over 99.9% of chickens raised for meat are living in factory farms. Based on the confinement and living conditions of farmed fish, we estimate that virtually all US fish farms are suitably described as factory farms, though there is limited data on fish farm conditions and no standardized definition.[1] Land animal figures use data from the USDA Census of Agriculture[2] and EPA definitions of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations.[3]


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[1] Our total estimates of US farmed fish are based on annual slaughter estimates and Animal Charity Evaluators lifespan estimates (see sheet “Fish Estimates” in the embedded spreadsheet).

[2] "2017 Census of Agriculture"

[3] "Regulatory Definitions of Large CAFOs, Medium CAFO, and Small CAFOs"

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